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Metaverse & NFT
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MetaPlay is the next generation NFT poker game. Explore a new poker experience in the MetaPlay universe.

Total minted NFT's: 0 / 1,000

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The new era of Poker!




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August 2022 - init

Web Developent

Game Development


September 2022 - Partner with Advisers

Private Sale

October 2022 - Game Alpha


Deploy website

Social media launch

Deploy NFT

November 2022 - Open Beta

Dealer NFT Giveaway

Start advertising

December 2022 - Testnet Game Launch

Token Testnet Launch

Pre Release Test

January 2023 - Token IDO

Token Launch

Start staking

Bug bounty

February 2023 - Game Launch

NFT Roulette Preview

Tournament start

March 2023 - NFT Roulette Launch

Metaverse Launch

ALL 2023 - Game Universe Expansion

Launch private tournaments

Community outreach

New games release


MetaPlayToken (MPT)

MPT allows all users - from investors and crypto-enthusiasts to gamers and professional poker players - to use the possibilities of our metaverse!

Token utility

- Used in games
- Staking
- Tournaments

Token sales policy

Our main goal is to attract an active community constantly involved in the development and promotion of our product, as well as to ensure continued expansion, which is why we focused primarily on the quality of the product and not looking for useless investments.

Our goal

Our app is targeted at a large audience, that's why we want to give the MetaPlayers a choice between the excitement of a real stakes and a new experience in a poker tournament with a minimum amount of gambling.

Will there be NFTs for sale in MetaPlay?

No. NFT are reserved as rewards for winning a tournament and are a unique card which will have their own utility.

What is our financial model?

Our first model of earning in MetaPlay is to write off the commission in MPT tokens (when token will be available).
A commission of 10% is deducted from the game party prize. Half of it will be burned, the rest will be spent on the team and marketing.

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